Past newsletters


November 2006 Newsletter

  • Pester power in green education
  • Cleaning up the MUDs
  • Waste management greener is smarter (UK)
  • CANZBAC promotes strong message at national packaging show
  • Larger tins foil attempts to dispose of them
  • Snapshot of Steel Can Recycling in Australia
  • Fast Facts

October 2006 Newsletter

  • Penrith uses the ‘competition’ to boost its steel can recycling rate
  • Steel Can Steve comes to life at Bankstown
  • Record high for Corus steel can collections
  • Packaging / recycling firm Visy switching to green fuel (AUS)
  • Recycling calculator adding up the benefits
  • Re-launch of Australia’s industry recycling materials specifications manual
  • RELEASE: NATIONAL RECYCLING WEEK 6th – 12th November 2006 ‘Green’ light for recycling cans

September 2006 Newsletter

  • ‘Removing the Divide’ Maroondah City Council leaps into commingled recycling
  • Metal and steel packaging products available direct to the public for
  • the first time
  • Steel the premium brand packaging material
  • Trash dance – what a feeling!
  • Corus offers ᆪ30,000 prize money for can suppliers (UK)
  • Clean as a whistle Spring cleaning is in the can!

August 2006 Newsletter

  • Penrith City Council keeps  the pressure on
  • Gosford City looks for recycler of the year
  • Ballina Shire Council hits the streets with recycling leaflets
  • VISY gets ready for the big muster!
  • Sustainability Victoria releases record recycling figures
  • New Zealand’s Glass Recycling Crisis
  • Waste recycling system to eliminate manual handling
  • Science week – using steel cans for experiments

July 2006 Newsletter

  • Gosford City Council checks out good practice in Europe Kangaroo
  • Island residents to get kerbside recycling!
  • Panel beating at  pet food factory
  • CSIRO report adds  further mettle to steel’s environmental credentials
  •  Steel tries to shed its smokestack image (USA) IPS – International
  • Packaging Study 2005 Innovative sculptures  from cans!

June 2006 Newsletter

  • How well set up is your kitchen for recycling?
  • Council Activity Around the Country
  • It may be ok to spray but is it ok to recycle?
  • The National Packaging Covenant ? where is it at?
  • Consumers trust the can ? more than ever
  • Collect a CAN this World Environment Day!
  • New look can car hits the road
  • Corus re-launches steel recycling education website
  • Attention all councils!

May 2006 Newsletter

  • Council call up welcomed in New Zeland
  • Steel Can Recycling Council partners with brandowners to support council led shopping centre activities
  • Consumers trust the can – more than ever
  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Tags – copper content detrimental to recycling
  • Kids CAN cook for mum this Mother’s Day and help the environment!

April 2006 Newsletter

  • Steel Can Recycling Council to provide new promotional materials for councils
  • Watching their waste  residents of Ryde City Council to get new waste collection service
  • Paintback goes from strength to strength
  • SPC Ardmona awarded for using recyclable steel logo
  • It’s rubbish this lecture!
  • Recycling rocks!
  • Are you still working on your National Packaging Covenant goals and actions?

March 2006 Newsletter

  • Sydney councils band together to recycle more steel
  • Steel Can Steve muscles in on superhero turf
  • Fully closing the loop for ink cans – Siegwerk Australia’s steel can recycling initiative
  • Steel recycling – shredding plant open to public for first the time
  • Major retailers join wrap in pledging to tackle packaging and food waste
  • Wrap helps Heinz adopt lightest steel can ends in uk
  • Visy joins evolution
  • Councils promoting steel can recycling – we want to hear from you!
  • Lucky door winners take their prize

February 2006 Newsletter

  • Woollahra Council rewarded for recycling efforts
  • Bins ahoy!
  • Easter activities for councils
  • Aerosol awareness
  • Scottish organisation has a ‘can-do’ attitude.
  • Welsh Council set to improve poor recycling reputation
  • Cansmart gets even smarter online
  • Can crushing in commercial kitchens
  • Woolworths get their paws on recycling logo

January 2006 Newsletter

  • Fairfield City Council Showcases UR-3R Facility as Runner Up in Steel Can Recycling Award
  • Unley doubles steel can recycling this Millennium
  • Waste Management for an isolated community: Lord shows us Howe
  • Fit for recycling  protein shake cans get a chance at another life!
  • Cansmart Christmas Campaign
  • You don’t have to be big to be bold!
  • Cansmart website gets a fresh look
  • Heineken releases steel mini-keg
  • WRAP to refocus as it ups its impact
  • Cow – themed recycling containers arrive in London

December 2005 Newsletter

  • Australian Councils reminded about steel can recycle at National Congress
  • National Recycling Week – giving steel cans a second chance
  • UK Council saves water by bringing steel recycling to the streets.
  • Morris McMahon promotes use of recycling logos
  • HOPE for recycling education
  • Opportunities for brand owners in recycling education
  • Steel Can Recycling Council supports industry

November 2005 Newsletter

  • Steel Can Recycling Council’s Challenge to Local Government
  • Focus On – Gosford City Council
  • Round them up, rinse them out, run them in
  • Paintback  WA puts the gloss on paint recycling
  • Recycling could win with household lottery (UK)
  • UK to boost recycling amongst SMEs (UK)
  • Advertising Templates for Councils
  • Environmental Games
  • NPC Action Plans
  • Useful Facts & Figures

October 2005 Newsletter

  • Melton City
  •  Council achieves steel can recycling rate above the national average
  • SCRC signs up to National Packaging Covenant
  • Benefits of recycling quantified with DEC’s new recycling calculator
  • National Recycling Week coming up

Spring 2005

Winter 2005

Autumn 2005

  • Coles campaign boosts consumer awareness
  • Giveaway hampers hailed as huge success
  • What’s in our bins?
  • Sifting through the bins – who does it?
  • Getting the message across to shoppers?
  • Covenant Mark II on track for tougher goals
  • The CEO of ACOR shares the issues, challenges and priorities facing the recycling sector today
  • NZ steel can recycling gets makeover

Summer 2004-2005

  • Rhodes to recovery
  • BlueScope trucks sport new recycling logo
  • Zero cost steel can collection
  • Councils highlight steel cans for National Recycling Week
  • Are you ready for the challenge?
  • Canned Food Information Service becomes the Canned Food Industry Association
  • Breakfast for brandowners
  • Free cooking oil collection trial
  • Farewell to Mike Vendy
  • Wanting to get recycling started in your area or recently introduced a recycling scheme?
  • Craft kits and competition prizes for councils

Spring 2004

Winter 2004

Freeing the garden shed of old paint — Paint cans and aerosols – hazardous or harmless — Stuck in the MUDS — Are you using this logo — Steel Can Recycling reviews Best Practice Awards — VISY Industries wins 2004 Gold Banksia Award

Autumn 2004

Who Cares About the Environnment – New Waste Education Kits available in Queensland – The National Packaging Covenant: Where is it at now – Second Paintback (TM) Trial takes place in Victoria – Interview with Anglela Maier, Waste Educator at Canterbury City Council, 2003 Steel Can Recycling Award Winners – Bankstown gets crafty with cans – Visy takes consumer campaign to new levels – ACCC extends Drummuster scheme.

Summer 2003/2004

Best Practice Awards 2003 winners announced – Fast Forward Five Years Industry Breakfasts – Steel garden sculpture finally home –  Australian Business Enhances Environmental Performance – SCRC study trip to Scotland – Recycling media comment.

SCRC Melbourne Industry Breakfast – Speaker Slides – Jon Ward

Jon Ward, EcoRecyling’s Manager Sustainable Production & Consumption, spoke in Melbourne at the industry breakfast forum, hosted by the SCRC, October 29, 2003.

SCRC Melbourne Industry Breakfast – Speaker Slides – Michael Daddo

Managing Director of M&C Saatchi, Michael Daddo, spoke at the industry breakfast forum in Melbourne, hosted by the SCRC, October 29, 2003.

Spring 2003

Steel Can Recycling Council keen to boost recycling schemes – SCRC Best Practice Awards On Again – Current national packaging covenant too light on – Snap shot of international recycling initiatives – Launch of recycling specifications & guidelines – “Can It” promotion sets new record – QLD EPA boost recycling funding scheme – Fast forward five years – Jamie Durie brings recyclable steel garden sculpture to life.

Winter 2003

“And the recycling gong goes to…” – Kids captivated by cans – Paint recycling collection on trial – Steel can recycling competition – NSW EPA targets ‘wastes of concern’ – Willoughby wheels in steel can recycling – Aerosols get behind new recycling logo – Tackling cooking oil drum recycling.

Autumn 2003

New cansmart website – China looks to SCRC for steel can recycling good practice – Steel cans make gaol break – Signing up to the club – Edgell leaps ahead in labelling – Port Stephens double dips for better steel can recovery – Maroochy repays recycling residents

Summer 2002- 2003

Stepping out to steel can recycling abroad – Best Practice Awards round-up – Blown away by Best Practice – Hats off to Hornsby! – Syncopated steel – Surf Coast wheels in new recycling service – Councils get with the program

Spring 2002

New logo launches industry into spotlight – Logo launch vox pops: Attendees’ thoughts revealed! – Local Government given a chance to interrogate the experts – Strathfield Council chips in to encourage steel can recycling – The sticky paint problem – Hotline buzzes – How does Australia compare to other countries in regard to steel can recycling?

Winter 2002

Metals: The ‘New Renewables’ – Mustering a resource from the country – Victorians top of the rubbish pile – Who influences household recycling – It’s OK to recycle aerosols.

Summer/ Autumn 2002

Is the recycling of steel cans a sticky issue? – Can labelling to change recycling habits – Steel: A recycling success the inaugural Best Practice Awards – The winning profile – Kogarah steels the edge – Strong commitment and support for steel can recycling.

Spring 2001

Warringah Council uses dogs to increase steel can recycling – Are we getting better at recycling steel cans? – Paint manufacturers in Australia support steel can recycling – Crush down on waste volume – Visy leads the field in aerosol recycling.


Clean Up Australia releases 2004 Annual Report (AUS)
13 April 2005
Our 2004 Annual Report focuses on the ways that Clean Up Australia has encouraged communities, businesses and government to take practical action to clean up, fix up and conserve our environment.

Sustainable Packaging courses in 2005
11 April 2005

A two-day course incorporating an overview of packaging sustainability including strategies, case studies and decision-support tools. RMIT’s Centre for Design has developed Sustainable Packaging 2005 in conjunction with its partners in the Sustainable Packaging Alliance from Victoria University and Birubi Innovation.


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