Case studies

Following a recent upgrade of ink jet
printers at NCI Packaging’s Preston Plant .
in Melboume, the company now prints a
recyclable steel logo on the bottom of all
their cans. Previous printers only allowed
for the printing of numbers and lettering,
however the new technolgy enables NCI
to print symbols and logos. Says Michael
Tyrrell, Managing Director, NCI,“the
SCRC had been asking us for a while
now whether it was possible to put a
recyclable steel logo on our cans and up
until now it hasn’t been. We are really
happy to help close the recycling loop and
remind consumers of the recyclability of
Mauro Trentin
Development Engineer – Metals
NCI – Preston
Ph 03 9290 6835
Mob 0439 364 510

NCI Can Bottom with Recycling Logo

Edgell’s Corn has never looked s0 good.
It’s one of the sixty five canned vegetable
products Edgell has recently revamped to
include the ‘Recyclable Steel logo on its
With more than 25% of all sales in the
Australian canned vegetable market,
representing 64 million cans sold per
year, Edgell is clearly a front runner
brand. And now it is also striding ahead in
its commitment to encouraging
consumers to recycle steel cans. Edgell’s
Senior Brand Manager, Stuart Redman,
says the move to make the ‘Recyclable
Steel’ logo part of their product labelling
was made not just simply to communicate
0 the consumer that Edgell cans can be
recycled.“We want consumers to feel
more comfortable with recycling cans.
Those that care about recycling and the
environment will value Edgell for
dedicating attention to the recyclability of
the food cans” says Mr. Redman.
“Whilst having the logo on our product
labelling will not necessarily provide a
reason for purchase, the packaging
format will present a positive message to
the consumer. This can only have positive
repercussions – for Edgell, the consumer
and the environment.’
“I would encourage all brand owners to
take up the Recyclable Steel logo,” he
said. Be it Edgell Beetroot or even the
odd Four Bean Mix, you’ll see the
Recyclable Steel logo.

Dulux is taking its commitment to
recycling very seriously, not only including
recycling information on all cans but now
producing a recycled paint for outdoor
purposes. Recycled paint is now available
through selected Bunnings Warehouse
Paint cans are 100% recyclable 一
consumers or the trade simply need to
ensure that all cans are dry inside ie. that
all paint has dried up and there is no
liquid left. Any excess paint should be
taken to a Paintback TM scheme if one is
available or scraped out onto newspaper
and placed in the bin.
Paintback TM paint recycling is available in
Victoria and Western Australia through
selected Bunnings stores. Both paint and
paint cans are collected for recycling
through Paintback TM.

In November 2005 canmakers Morris
McMahon began printing a steel recycle
logo on the bottom of every can. Currently
around 60% of Morris McMahon’s
customers have a recycling logo or
recycling information on the main body of
the can but Mois McMahon felt this
wasn’t enough. Says General Manager,
Geoff Winstanley, “we wanted to ensure
that wherever the can ended up it would
still have recycling information for end-
users on it. With our customers that
purchase plain cans and use labels, we
can have some input into the process of
having the recycle logo on their labels.”
Largely prompted by the redrating of their
NPC Action Plan, Morris McMahon has
reconfirmed their commitment to the
environment In addition to including the
recycling logo on all cans, the company
will regularly be reminding their entire
sales team to encourage those customers
currently not carrying recycling logos on
their labelling to do so. Any cans printed
by Morris McMahon, and, with a
customer’s permission, will also include
the recyclable steel logo on the can body.
For existing customers with no logo, it will
be a slower Change process.
It would be easy for companies such as
Morris McMahon to feel too many steps
removed from the end user to get
involved, s0 it is encouraging to see a
whole of supply chain approach to
recycling education.
For more information please contact:
[email protected] or
visit their website at
www.morrismcmahon. com. au