Householders guide


The Smart Way To Recycle Your Steel Cans 
is a leaflet that contains information on how to recycle the various types of steel cans, where they go and why it is so important to recycle steel cans.

Waste Educators can use the Guide to promote steel can recycling to their community, via, for example:

  • letterbox drops for householders
  • distribution at libraries, council foyers, community centres and shopping malls
  • distribution at community Environment Expos or similar
  • as a hand-out at classes, talks and lectures for students

To download a print ready PDF of the leaflet, please click on the thumbnail image.

If would like to obtain small quantities of The Smart Way To Recycle Your Steel Cans to assist with your education programs, contact us on the CANSMART® HOTLINE ON 1800 073 713.