Top 4 Effective Uses of Diamond Plates

A diamond plate is a checker plate, where one can find diamond shaped designs all over. It is a light weight metallic plate, with a regular pattern of raised diamonds or lines on one side and the other side remains plain or featureless.

The plates are usually made of stainless steel or aluminum.

These are basically non corrosive in nature.

Stair cases

Owing to their sturdy nature and enhanced level of durability, diamond stair cases are very popular, especially in high raised buildings and ambulances. Stainless steel is known for its ever green properties of being non corrosive. Hence the stair cases do not give way to tough environmental conditions like sun, winds and torrential rains.

Run ways

The plates are designed with a non-skid features. So, airports need to land up in a peripheral space, which is known as the run way area. Run ways are made of these stain less steel or metallic plates. The metallic plates are extensively used in a number of areas, due to the versatile features, these plates are endowed with.


Exercise floors and garage flooring

The metallic plates are anti-slip in nature. These are cost effective and highly reliable in nature. Hence aluminum diamond plates are used as interlock tiling on garage floors. These are also added as a protective layer on gym floors. You simply don’t skid and fall, while you do those pelvic exercises or free hand aerobic exercises on the floor. The metallic plates are used as hip rotators as well. You need to stand erect on the plate, and start swaying your hips, from one end to another. Makes up for a great fitness session.

Garage floors again need to be made sturdy and strong, as you take the car out multiple number of times in a day and park your cars in the garage, once you are back home. So the flooring needs to be good enough and not give way. Also the garage area is exposed to sunny weather or hail storms.

Non corrosive and anti-slip in nature, aluminum diamond plate make a great option, for adding the extra layer of tiling.

Cost effective

The diamond plates are anti-slippery, non-corrosive, long lasting and sturdy. Still raising contemporary metallic plates are reasonably affordable and do not plunge a deep hole in your pockets. And these flooring does good, with minimum maintenance.

Now, do you have an overall idea as to why and how aluminum or metallic plates are extensively used in a wide number of home improvement areas?



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