We’re constantly encouraged to practice recycling, but most times, it’s not clear why we should. Recycling involves turning trash that would be thrown away into new products. We dispose tons of garbage on a daily basis that cause ill effects to our natural resources. By recycling and reusing we minimize these effects a great deal.
Here are some ways how recycling helps the environment

1. Minimizing Pollution

One of the greatest ways to minimize pollution is by recycling garbage. Wastes deposited in landfills pollute the environment by emitting poisonous gases. By simply reducing the amounts of wastes that are dumped in landfills, it will significantly reduce the effects of air pollution. People at times throw garbage in the ocean that affects our marine life. Each time you recycle wastes such as plastic bottles, you get to save the environment from the dire effects of water pollution.

2. Reduction of landfills

As the volume of wastes in landfills increases, it begs the need to develop others that will sustain the increasing volumes. Non-degradable products dumped remain in the landfills for centuries without decomposing. They degrade the environment in addition to emitting poisonous gases. Recycling is a huge step that will reduce the volumes of wastes that increase the number of landfills.

3. Reduces consumption of energy
Most of the energy we use comes from the environment. Manufacturing new materials take up a lot of energy than if it were recycled. By recycling, we get to reduce energy consumption efficiently.

4. Preservation of natural resources

Many trees are cut down every day to provide raw materials for the production of paper and wood. If we recycle products such as books and newspaper, we get to save many trees around the world. Recycling is crucial in the preservation of natural resources.

5. Job Opportunities

Recycling provides job opportunities for millions of people around the world. When people decide to invest in recycling efforts of waste materials and garbage, unemployed people get the opportunity to work and get income for a living. There are various opportunities within the recycling industry, such include; collection, segregation, transportation, and recycling. By recycling, people are given the opportunity to save the environment while earning money.

6. Reduction Greenhouse emissions 

Recycling saves up a lot of energy that reduces the rate of greenhouse emissions. These gases are the main causes of increased global warming. An increase in the recycling rate will reduce the rate of global warming.

7. Increases Biodiversity

When you engage in recycling, fewer raw materials are required for production. This conserves natural resources and increases the biodiversity of rainforests and other ecosystems. By recycling, soil erosion rates significantly reduce.

8. Improves the Soil

Living green practices such as composting and mulching help in enriching the soil while keeping them out of landfills. They contain nutrients that encourage the development of beneficial organisms. Additionally, it reduces the need for the use of artificial fertilizers and other amendments.

9. Saves on costs

Recycling assists both consumers and manufactures in saving money. Recycled materials are cheaper than new ones. It is easier to save money by recycling products than obtaining new raw materials.

In general, recycling has unlimited benefits including environmental conservation and improved economies.