There are a lot of items that you have in your home that are of no use. They do not offer any value in your home and thus, you are thinking of dumping them. You feel that this is the only option that you have so that you get rid of them and make your home neat. However, there is no need to do all that because you can recycle them and make them valuable again. Besides some overall recycling tips, below are 6 specific bulky items you should recycle.

Washing machines

One of the bulky items that you can recycle is your washing machine that has malfunctioned. Instead of disposing it or leaving lying idle in your home and occupy unnecessary space you can recycle it. All that will be needed is for it to be checked where it has issues and be repaired. After this, it will be put to use again instead of dumping it.


Fridges are more vulnerable to damages because of their nature of operations. If you have some fridges or freezers that have failed to work as a result of one problem or another, you can recycle them. Just like any other machine, there are some parts that can be removed to be used as spares parts or the fridge can be repaired to make it functional again.


That old furniture you no longer use can also be recycled. They can either be dissembled so that the wood and other materials used in designing them can be used to build new furniture. They can also be renovated to make them look newer.


Old mattresses can also be recycled to make them of value in your home. The foam used in making the mattress can be used to make chairs or other small pieces of furniture. It can also be used to make pillowcases that will offer value in your home.

Roll of carpet 

If you have an old carpet in your home, there is no need for you to keep on storing it there with no use. In addition, you do not have to dump it. It is possible for it to be recycled and be cut into small pieces that can be used in designing smaller carpets for smaller spaces.

Garden waste 

You might have collected a lot of waste from your garden and wondering what do with it. You can recycle it to make it decompose and be used as manure for your garden. Please check out our homepage for more useful tips by clicking here.