The recycling process consists of making use of waste materials and manufacturing brand-new products from them while making an effort to stay away from wasting any material that could be useful. Much lesser amount of fresh materials are required for the recycling process and less energy is being used while there is also a significant reduction of water as well as air pollution.

Rather than throwing something recyclable into the trash can, it is imperative for you to play your part to ensure that it is properly recycled. On some occasions, you will come across some specified areas where you can drop off the recyclables. In case there is a garbage collector at your workplace or residence, make sure to request them whether they have got any particular container for you to throw the recyclables in.
In the following paragraphs, we have mentioned 6 interesting facts about recycling.
1. At present, the battery pack on several hybrid-driven vehicles usually consists of an enormous amount (it might even exceed 20 pounds) of lanthanum which is actually a rare earth metal. In fact, more than 90% of the lanthanum on the planet is being derived from China over the years. Recently, China has claimed that they are going to scale back mining and also exporting it. These are actually the facts and, in theory, the battery on your new automobile can become a precious recyclable by the time it becomes bad.
2. It has been predicted that approximately 1 million creatures residing in the sea are killed by plastic bags and garbage which we throw into the oceans. In fact, there is an enormous patch of garbage in the seas which is approximately two times as big as Texas and consists of more than 4.5 million tons of plastic within it.
3. Did you have any idea that it is possible to recycle food scraps into an awesome compost for gardening? As a matter of fact, several ingredients including fruit peels, bread, coffee grounds, vegetables, and eggshells can be utilized to reinforce the fertility of the soil.
4. On an average, a typical American family consumes approximately 25 gallons of bottled water per year, 110 gallons of milk, 30 gallons of fruit juice and 190 gallons of soda. Just guess how many containers it means and then you’ll be able to comprehend the amount of impact it can have in case all of them were recycled.
5. All the glass bottles and jars which are thrown away by the Americans every month would be enough to fill an enormous skyscraper like the Sears Tower. However, it would have been much better to recycle all these containers.
6. It has been proven by statistics that it is possible to recycle 70% of everything that is thrown away by the Americans. However, in practical life, only 30% are being actually recycled which means that there is plenty of scope for improvement. Please check out our homepage for more interesting articles about recycling.