When we talk about recycling, books never come to mind as part of the recycled materials. This is owed to the fact that book recycling is not a popular concept in today’s ebook world. However, it is possible to recycle the unused books in your shelves. Think about it as making the unused or unwanted books that you have, being put to good use again. Some of the larger eco-friendly book printing companies, like https://easystreetprint.com hold book recycling drives in the NYC area. You can trade or just hand in your old books at these recycling events. Books can be recycled in various ways including the ones that we have described below.

1. Reselling

People are always learning and it would be a wise idea for you to help someone acquire a book at a cheaper rate and at the same time, make money instead of keeping those books on your shelves forever. Reselling means that you let go of the books that are unwanted by you but wanted by someone else.

2. Recycling programs

Some programs are always working towards keeping our environment clean. Thus, they recycle waste papers as a way of ensuring that these paper does not end up in unwanted places. These organizations’ requirements normally vary. Some accept whole books while others might require you to remove the spine, glue, strings, leather, covers and any other parts of the books that are not paper. They then recycle the pages of the books combined with other paper collected of the same kind. This is normally achieved by placing collection bins in known locations and are collected after regular periods of time for recycling.

3. Donations

Donations might not sound like recycling, but it sure is. When you donate a book or books, your book will be used by many other people. Your donation might be a way of you getting rid of the unwanted books, but to someone, it is the only way they can access learning materials. Donated books are normally used by community libraries, non-profit literacy institutions which promote adult literacy, children education and supporting families.

4. Book swaps

Swapping books is becoming a popular way of recycling books in most communities. Book swap locations are commonly operated locally in libraries, coffee shops, individual or private residences and even public parks. How this works is that a person is allowed to leave an unwanted book and get a book of their choice from the shelf. This is a great way to recycle a book that you are done reading and do not intend to refer to it anymore. This way you can make your unwanted book useful again.
The online community has also not been forgotten when it comes to book swapping. Many sites have come up where people get to connect and swap books thus the recycling chain continues to grow even beyond borders. This method of recycling is prominent because even the big online selling sites such as Amazon are part of this recycling method.

Book recycling ensures that the material that you could have thrown away as trash is made useful. This process is beneficial to the individual, community and the environment making it an effective way of recycling unwanted books. Do not let your old books continue to occupy space that you could have used to store other useful items. The above way book recycling tricks can help you re-use your old and unwanted books productively.