About Us

Welcome to CanSmart.org, this website aims to become the number one resources of information to provide the wide reader of those who are very much interested to recycle, re-use and reproduce the world’s number one recycled material : The Steel.

Last November 2014, CanSmart.org founder Ryan Steel has been appointed to lead the team of bloggers and programmers to start working on this site content to provide the needs of the readers, site visitors and subscribers to start establishing this site at a fast pace and reach those queries by the inquirers.

Ryan Steel, the Structural Engineer from Minneapolis.

Ryan Steel, the Structural Engineer from Minneapolis.

Ryan, a Structural Engineer here in Minneapolis and a well know environmentalist have lead his team to start working with the idea of not just providing the needs of those who wanted to learn more about steel recycling but to become the missing link of becoming the first website to become the umbrella organization of all those sites and blogs as well.
Ryan’s background with the importance of Steel in structural Engineering and day to day activities of everyone’s lives, he was able to write and record all his research and newly found passion of being an environmentalist to ensure the future that awaits the upcoming generations. From being the producer and an end user at the same time the young and idealistic structural engineer from Minneapolis has become a full pledge environmentalist.

With the Founder and Team’s vision of uniting all the environmentalist, conservationists and the likes, little by little this vision is now turning into the next level of reaching the reality and achieving success. Now that the seed of all those hard work and ideas have been planted, continuously through this site, the dream that is now turning into reality as being mentioned above will be the foundation of the changes that the world needs.